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this is the forum for the chapter known as The Northern Guard
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 Nearby Chapters

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PostSubject: Nearby Chapters   Nearby Chapters Icon_minitimeThu Feb 03, 2011 4:42 pm

Greetings to the Northern Guard.

I saw Ymir's post on the national forums about your crew reclaiming chapter-dom. Congratulations. Hopefully the process goes quickly for you.

I just wanted to stop by and point out some of the neighboring chapters to you. If you are already aware of them, sorry for the repeat of information.
I hail from the Northern Steppes (Ft. Wayne, IN). We are a little over 2 hours south from your chapter. We usually have 1 or 2 small (60-80 people) single day events each year. Our Sunday practices, starting in March, usually pull in 15 to 30 people. Stop by sometime. Feel free to hop on our forums if you have any questions or want to advertise your own events. I know the national boards can be a little intimidating/ruthless to newer people.
NS Forums

Also, you guys are inside or very close to Eryndor territory. You may want to check out their forums for other close by practices and events. They usually have a handful of single day events and weekend camping events in the Toledo, OH and Mt. Pleasant, MI areas.
Eryndor Forums

Once again, if you already knew, great. If you didn’t, I hope this information helps.

To those of you who are new, welcome to Dagorhir. To those returning, welcome back.

Best Regards,
Duke Fontayne of the Northern Steppes
Legion of the Dragoons
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PostSubject: Re: Nearby Chapters   Nearby Chapters Icon_minitimeThu Feb 03, 2011 7:16 pm

Thanks! we will definitely try to make it down sometime!
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Nearby Chapters
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