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this is the forum for the chapter known as The Northern Guard
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 Búri's bio

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PostSubject: Búri's bio   Búri's bio Icon_minitimeTue Mar 01, 2011 9:10 pm

I am Búri of the Zulu Tribe. I am a strong Brute that will kill anything or anybody in my way. We fight for the honor of our tribe. The Zulu being the strongest tribe here in Africa. I have a lot to be defending as a warrior in the Zulu tribe, but i fight for my self not for the tribe. I fight for the fun, blood going everywhere people dieing left and right at the end of my spear or by the brute power and strength of my Iwisa. (wooden stick with round head) During the hardest and longest battle our tribe as ever seen, against the Northern Guard. I was separated from my tribe do to being captured by the strongest power the known world has ever seen the Northern Guard. I have been sense been fighting for the Northern Guard hoping, waiting for a chance to get back to my tribe the Zulu. Northern Guard-- I prefer the spear or the shield and inkemba fishane. (short sword).
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Búri's bio
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